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Major League Activation and MAT!

What is Muscle Activation Technique?

Greg Roskopf, owner and developer of MAT says, “Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT)® is a powerful muscular assessment tool that analyzes and corrects muscular imbalances. At MAT we focus on the cause of the imblance by testing, correcting, and maintaining muscle contractile efficiency. We believe that flexibility is a derivative of strength, and that muscle tightness is secondary to muscle weakness.

Our 77 Range of Motion Exams and 214 Muscle Tests help practitioners identify which muscles are not “firing” . Once the cause for the discomfort and impaired mobility is identified, practitioners begin a series of muscle tests in an established process and work to “reactivate” the affected muscles.”

For more information on MAT check out their website Muscle Activation Techniques

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